Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Happenin' Updates

Greetings again. Just so anyone who is reading this knows that we aren't slakers (or for the sake of our future posterity's faith in the past generation, whichever), I thought I would take a sec and fill in our successes on accomplishing a few of our bucket list intentions.

Courtesy Google Images
  • Kneaders has been frequented and their all-you-can-eat french toast sampled. Sadly, there was no image documentation of this, but rest assured, sweetness was consumed. The people-watching wasn't half bad either.

Sugar! Courtesy Google Images

  • Corrine was successful in acquiring a slurpee on that fabulous day that is 7/11.
    Photo: Happy Slurpee day!
    Facebook snag!
  • We scouted out the park intended to play the destination of a stellar picnic/birthday party two-in-one and were quite pleased with what we found: Neilson's Grove. This park is epic! However, due to inclement weather, we were forced into plan B: games at the Corner House. We still had tons of fun, so the day was counted a success. And don't worry; this park will be used to its full potential...someday.

  • Lastly, we took an incredibly impromptu trip to Cold Stone thanks in part to the bishoprich. They showed up at the door with $20 - nice, right? They "found it on our property" and wanted to make sure no one was missing it. We assured him that it wasn't any of ours. So he told us to take it and go get ice cream as roommates. Yes, sir; anything you say, Bishop! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A couple weeks ago Samantha BreAnna and I got our things together and went on a picnic. While there we took pictures and even a video...

The end of the video just may be the best...

Bucket List

So we decided that we should make a bucket list and here are our planned adventures for the summer...

Clothes Shopping
Picnic in the Park
Cold Stone
Ice Shack
Party (Golden Birthday)
Slurpee Day
Dance Walking
24 Hr Isolation Chamber (Could be fun...)
Diner Outing
Learn the Spanish Panic
Watch James Bond
Kneaders Breakfast 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


So after finals were over we decided to pull out a puzzle. Well really I pulled out the puzzle for a Sunday activity (with no intention of finishing it that day) but BreAnna got to work and she had plans to finish it as soon as possible so we spent the Sunday after finals putting together a puzzle. Luckily we had all the pieces (Scroll to the bottom of the link...) and we got the puzzle done before eight! I was impressed with BreAnna's puzzle skills, I'm not so impressive where puzzles are concerned. But we got it done.

The Mess of the Puzzle all over the table.                                      Mary and Samantha helped as well... 
(I love BreAnna's look of concentration
 BreAnna and the
finished puzzle                    Me Vanna White(ing) it